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For Sale M21bmr

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I have one for sale. I bought it and the seller said it wouldn't run. I got it home and added fuel and oil and a plug, and all has been well. That being said, the carb may need a cleaning and the bail cable for the propel is at its adjustment limits and works fine. It does have the oil injection. I do not have a mulch bag for it.

I want to get another 10515/10520 something simliar. Trades are always good. Anyone interested in doing a trade?

It runs and mows well, but the govenor needs minor adjustment, with the BBC disengaged it ramps up a bit like a screaming machine, but mows well.
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If anyone has an offer for trades Im up for that as well. It runs and mows well. I just wanted to be honest about the mower's condition. It will need a traction cable eventually, but still works in 2/3rd Never used 1st.

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