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I want to get the full understanding of how my coolant system works and operates so I would like to explain what I know as for flushing the system and you guys can chime in and tell me what step if any I don't need to do or do need to do.

I was thinking to drain the radiator via the drain **** with radiator cap off then take a water hose and put in the radiator and let it flush out the radiator until water begins to run clear. (Car off )

After that is flushed out, I can close drain **** then remove thermostat and turn on water hose, still inside radiator, and start car up. I will let it run until the water begins to run clear. After it does, I will turn off car , let water run for another minute, then turn water off. ( should the drain **** be open or closed for this and does it even matter? Will the heater core be flushed out during this process and does the heater need to be on for that to occur? )

The system is now ready to be refilled after putting on new t-stat.
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