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Do you know how can I solve the fluctuation of the hydraulic system (hiccups) on an old (2003) John deere 5700 tractor, the system is the same of all of the JD 5 series?

The tractor was working well, then the hydraulics don't lift the heavy implements, so I sent the pump and the valves to the JD dealer to test it, they repaired the main and the auxiliary valves and sent me a new hydraulic pump, but, when we mounted all again, the tractor arms, goes ups and down like it has hiccups, heavier attachments cause harder shakes on the complete machine.

I discovered that the hyd linkage calibration was not correct, so I tried to calibrate it as indicates the JD 5525 manual, the bad pump sound and the almost shut down when the hydraulic lever is at the highest position on engine idling was fixed. but the hiccups continued.

Please can you help me to fix my tractor?

Thanks for your help.
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