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Fixin her up for the Festival

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Hey, we're having an annual festival here in Southern Indiana this weekend. Its a really good time, with tons of tractors, hit/miss small engines, lots of antique farm machinery equipment, etc. I had my 4020 there on display last year. Played music in the gazebo two years ago.

Anyhow, the best thing about this year is that Case tractors, International gas engines and Case steam engines are the featured machines at the tractor display.

I hope some of my Case/Ingersoll brethren get a chance to come check this out this weekend. This is a very big, 3-day event that you'll be glad you came for. More info here:

This past week, I fixed a dent and repainted my hood and done some touch-ups to my 4020 in preparation. I'm pumped up. I live like two miles from the event and just drive my tractor over. Its a good time, fellas. We're going to have good, mild 70-degree temps too.
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looks like some good tractors! Would love to have the loader with tiller!

MTF App and S3.
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