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First time with X540 & 48" Blade - Suggestions??

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Today was my first time with the x540 and 48" blade. It really worked great on 5+ inches of wet heavy snow. I installed a home made squeegee ($7 strip from Tractor Supply) and that worked wonderfully. I don't have any weight on the back yet but will before the next snowfall. I couldn't believe how light the back end is w/o weight!! I was able to pick up the entire rear end of the tractor while the blade was up!!!

I was tinkering with squeegee length & height between the shoes and black wear bar. Any suggestions? I'm thinking about setting it up so the black metal wear bar is about 1/4" off the ground when the shoes are touching. The squeegee would be compressed. This way I might scrape any hardpack as the squeegee folders down...

I also took an old piece of plastic from work and wrapped it around the skids. The plastic was so stiff that I had to use bolts to tighten it. The width is about 3", which should reduce wear. So far, so good... but time will tell.
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I was able to pick up the entire rear end of the tractor while the blade was up!!!
think about it, the blade and supporting hardware is pretty heavy, hanging way out there makes it a lever and yup, the rear is off the ground, imagine a FEL out there :)

some suitcase case weights or wheel weights (maybe both) will get you the traction you need! When it gets icy I bet chains will be the next addition...

glad it worked so well though, great machines!

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