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Toolin'..Man, I owe you, for the CD's, :congrats: so I'll post what little bit I know/did/do..

The quick change feature I did away with after it made one hel&^% of a mess the second time and I was in a hurry. I used a 6" black iron pipe nipple, and end cap screw onto it... Coated the threads on the nipple with sealer and threaded into the engine block--not too tight now...(just unscrew the cap and let it drain)
That's worked for the last three years on two newer mowers...

The used oil--and I do all my tractors, a few friends/neighbors and three vehicles--I drain into a 6-gal. bucket and take it by my buddies exquipement shop once a month or so and dump it--he heats his shop in the fall with waste oil heaters...
Check the small repair shops in your area--a lot of people have gone to this--also--like stated auto parts stores...

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