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First time for everything - oil change

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Well, did my first self-performed oil change last week on my i1050. Woo hoo! :bannana:

Ok, I know - "big deal". But hey, a first is a first.

I kinda feel bad for my local dealer now. They didn't get the commission on this tractor (I bought it used from a different dealer out of state) and now they won't even get the oil change work.

Well, in truth they got the first oil change, lube and adjustment work, plus maybe $100 in parts over the last year, including a piece of plastic that cost me $10. And I bought the new OEM oil filter from them (another $10). So I guess I don't feel *that* bad.

I do think I'll swap out the "quick drain" fitting like I've seen done in some other threads here (#18 in diagram below). The factory one makes me nervous. It didn't take much to open it for the oil change (in fact it came right off at one point) and its mushy "closed" position doesn't instill confidence.

It's basically just a 2-post type 1/4 twist fastener (like bayonet headlight bulbs in a socket) and a loose one at that. The 2 slots for the posts are more of an "L" shape than a "J" shape so it really doesn't "lock" firmly when closed. I can just imagine it popping off while mowing, leaving a big Exxon Valdez streak of oil across the yard and then seizing the engine.

Anyway, will service stations take used oil? Other suggestions? I know there are specific recycling places that will take oil but I haven't managed to find one near me yet.


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as far as i know any place that SELLS oil will take used oil. i know for a fact that every parts store here does.

i keep my oil for other uses though. i use it to start brush pile fires. it also works well as a weed killer, but we would not do that, would we?:eek:mg:

as of right now i think i have about 8 gallons of old oil, i may have to actually go turn some of it in.
Toolin'..Man, I owe you, for the CD's, :congrats: so I'll post what little bit I know/did/do..

The quick change feature I did away with after it made one hel&^% of a mess the second time and I was in a hurry. I used a 6" black iron pipe nipple, and end cap screw onto it... Coated the threads on the nipple with sealer and threaded into the engine block--not too tight now...(just unscrew the cap and let it drain)
That's worked for the last three years on two newer mowers...

The used oil--and I do all my tractors, a few friends/neighbors and three vehicles--I drain into a 6-gal. bucket and take it by my buddies exquipement shop once a month or so and dump it--he heats his shop in the fall with waste oil heaters...
Check the small repair shops in your area--a lot of people have gone to this--also--like stated auto parts stores...

Congratulations Toolin,

Of course, your deck refinishing thread is a hard act to follow! That was one fine bit of work!
Most of the "quick change" oil change places will take used oil, as long as it doesn't have trash in it. Our county landfill will take quantities of 5 gallons or less. It's one of the new environmentally friendly ones, and recycles a lot of stuff.
Amazing. The oil comes out of the ground but can't go back into the ground.

Yes, I realize it's not that simple. LOL
as far as i know any place that SELLS oil will take used oil.
Lowes doesn't. :)
and in some areas due to local/state laws (not here) they would not be legally allowed to sell oil if they don't.
:congrats: :congrats: I take mine to the auto parts store they take it .
Most auto repair shops will take used old oil, I do at my shop. I used to get $40 for a tank of old oil (250 gals) but now they'll empty for free but no money for the oil.
Any auto parts store will take it. Also any WalMart with a Tire & Lube Express will take oil too.
Morning Toolin if the OEM oil drain doesn't weep oil you're one of the lucky ones. But you're right about the flimsy nature of the product...I felt the same way about it catching a twig and popping open while mowing grass. We have a graveled floored garage so the easy way out for me was a simple stopper plug cause that required only minimum lift of the engine. There's a lot of good topics here with some good fixes...the only caveat is raising the engine too high from what I can tell. It's an easy take...just time good luck.
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