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First snow of the year!

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Video of my play time.
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In my part of MASS up near the NH border we had 12" and then about an inch of hail on top of that. I took out the 580 w/ a 48" blade, started around the back corner of the house and slid into a very precarious location 1 foot from a 30 foot drop. Terra Grips, HDAPs and 200lb of weight didn't help and I thought I was going over. I had given up and was about to tie up to my truck when I thought about the 3600lb winch I had put together for the rear sleeve hitch. Forgot all about it.

I put the winch on and ran it to a lally column in the basement. Stepped on the gas and pulled the trigger. I was out and off the ice in 2 seconds flat. After a quick changes of clothing I was back out and finished up the driveway in about an hour with no other problems at all. My wife thought I was going over for sure and spent the rest of my plow time screaming at me out the window if I got too close to the edge.
Where is the picture of what you almost went over on?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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