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First snow of the year!

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Video of my play time.
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Love all the videos of real world what we actually deal with and how we get it done. How much snow?
I like the HDAPs in the snow but I havent mowed with them yet. It is only on days like today that I even use 4WD.
i also learned the lesson of letting the wheels fall off the asphalt this year but watchin the OPs video it doesnt look like it is an issue for him. That said, I dont ever put myself in a situation my lil toy truck cant pull it out of.
Where is the picture of what you almost went over on?
Ha, with plenty of those moments under my belt in life, I wouldnt blame anyone for not taking a pic of it. I lost my wedding ring during one of those episodes and by nothing other than dumb luck found it in the mud only to get divorced 8 years later.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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