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First snow of the year!

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Video of my play time.
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We were forcast to get like 8-15 it rang in at more like 6-7. Hopefully we get some real snow end of the month into february. 318 is running great. I do need to replace the front Tires. Not sure whether to go with Hdaps to match the rears or get some V-61s.
I like the HDAPs in the snow but I havent mowed with them yet. It is only on days like today that I even use 4WD.
I have Hdaps on the rear so its a toss up on v61 or Hdap fronts might just make it a matching set
In my part of MASS up near the NH border we had 12" and then about an inch of hail on top of that. I took out the 580 w/ a 48" blade, started around the back corner of the house and slid into a very precarious location 1 foot from a 30 foot drop. Terra Grips, HDAPs and 200lb of weight didn't help and I thought I was going over. I had given up and was about to tie up to my truck when I thought about the 3600lb winch I had put together for the rear sleeve hitch. Forgot all about it.

I put the winch on and ran it to a lally column in the basement. Stepped on the gas and pulled the trigger. I was out and off the ice in 2 seconds flat. After a quick changes of clothing I was back out and finished up the driveway in about an hour with no other problems at all. My wife thought I was going over for sure and spent the rest of my plow time screaming at me out the window if I got too close to the edge.
Glad your ok sir.

And thanks guys. The small mods you can do to the model 49 definitely make it stand the test of time. I'm going to have to do some rust repair this summer the inner shell is in rough shape. But it still works great.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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