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First Riding Mower in MD

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Hi Everyone! Well, I'll keep this short. I joined up as I have FINALLY achieved the dream and have 0.75 acres of somewhat nice grass to mow, and I'm not doing it with my 20" Craftsman push mower. I inherited a 2001 Murray riding mower, 17.5 HP B&S, 46" cut, with 9 bushel bagger. Giddyup!

So, I'm looking for parts, accessories, etc. I replaced the rear tires (and lost a lot of sweat, but fortunately no blood, in doing so), cleaned and lubed it up, just have to get the headlights working, and the brake. I sheared off one of the bolts holding the brake pad holder to the transaxle. Not like the brake was working anyway (have to put it in Low gear to crawl down hills or it's a much more fun ride).

Any tips, or anyone with a snow blade attachment (or blower!), and grass deflector, or a transaxle they are looking to part with, let me know.

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Glad you joined!
:wwp: If you need easy Picture help
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