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First problem with my Stihl 250 CE

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I've had this saw for about 5 years and it's been perfect... up to now.

Today I gassed it up, topped up the bar oil and set about cutting up a downed pine tree. No sooner had I started then I noticed oil on the log and saw that the cap on the bar oil reservoir had popped off. I fiddled with it for a couple minutes and got it to stay on, but the seal doesn't feel as positive as it should. Anyone experience this before? Any suggestions. I'm going to give the whole saw a good cleaning this weekend and see if that helps.
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If you send me that saw, I will buy these and run 10 gallon of bar oil through it to make sure it doesn't leak anymore.

I should be able to get this done in say, 5, 6, maybe seven years and will return your saw confident that it will no longer leak oil!

Looking forward to receiving your saw, if needed, I could pay return shipping!

Those caps are the reason i'll never buy another Stihl saw, always had problems getting them to seal.
Those caps are the reason i'll never buy another Stihl saw, always had problems getting them to seal.

Can't agree more. Flippy caps are Stihl's answer to something that is not a problem. Absolute idiocy. This is one of many reasons I won't ever buy a Stihl.

Husky came out with their idea of a tool less oil and fuel cap. It uses a conventional thread and O ring and a tab that flips up for leverage. And if you don't like it, you can put in the old ones. The new caps even fit some of the old saws.

Here are the new caps on an OLD saw. But the 288XP has been totally rebuilt from the bearings up, a little port work and it simply smokes the Stihl 660/661's at the chainsaws races every year.

The 562XP has the new caps from the factory. Unfortunately the whole sizes is different for the 346XP and don't work.:tango_face_sad:


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Guess I'm not the only one that HATES stihls gas caps...
I hate those new caps, too. I could never seem to find where they went back on to get them started. I solved that problem by marking the cap and the saw so a quick look tells me it's in the right orientation before I turn the cap to tighten it.

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