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first oil change 8hours on X300

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so i just changed the oil for the first time in my X300. I heard horror stories about trying to get the oil filter off the first time you do it.
The guy at the JD dealer told me it is a real pain. I bought a pair of channel locks from the dealer and used that. I grasped the filter and first turn it came right off. It was not difficult at all!!!
The hardest part was standing there with the oil pan waiting for all the oil to drain out.
Manual calls for 1.8 quarts of oil. At first I filled it up w/ 1.5 and let it sit for awhile, checked the oil and it was way over the full mark. I started it up for about 3 mins, turned it off and let it sit for about 20 mins then checked it again and sure enough the oil was low.
It did indeed require 1.8 quarts which I did top it off with.
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