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First mow of the season, Walker ready for work.

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Hey y'all,
Well the grass is finally turning green down my way so I got my new (to me) Walker MTGHS out and ran over the yard today. This is my third Walker but the first one that wasn't slap wore out. My first one was a 1995 20 HP MTGHS that I used for a couple of seasons before a hydro went out. My second one was another 1995 20 HP MTGHS that I bought with a blown engine and wore out deck and swapped the engine and deck from my old one. I ran it for a year but it needed all new tires, a new blower, and a hopper. Last year a shop I do business with took a 1999 25 HP MTGHS in on trade and rebuilt the engine, replaced the blower, and put all new tires on. I went out and looked at it, made a deal, traded my 95 in and upgraded to the 99. I used it this past fall for leaves but cut grass for the first time today. I have to say it is by far the nicest mower I have ever had and my yard looks as good as if I had mowed with a pusher. Even though I am not a dealer I have to give a plug to Walker for their cut quality,nothing even compares.

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