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First Model L

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I have been looking for a Gravely walk behind tractor for years. Finally found one in my price range. Can you folks help me get it back up and running? I belive it is a 1958 but build plate ois missing. Engine is free, I have changed plug, changed oil. Tank is rusty, but no holes.


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If you set the engine to the marks on the mag (the mag drive has a line on one of the ears and the fixed shield on the mag has a line) and you don't move the engine at all, you can take the mag completely off the tractor and work on it @ the bench. Just don't rotate the engine with the mag off. After you get it fixed (the mag) then bolt it back on exactly as your removed it.

I have found that the points are almost always dirty or oxidized and won't make contact. Also, the impulse coupling on the drive end can be sticky and cause the impulse not to set. You will never be able to hand pull one of these over fast enough to start it without the impulse. You can bench test the mag by anchoring it down to a metal table and laying a connected spark plug on or touching the aluminum body and spinning the drive using a vice grip as a handle. Do not fire the mag without grounding the spark plug wire or attaching it to a grounded spark plug. Bad for the coil. Really very simple to work on if you take your time and read the manual.
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