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First Model L

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I have been looking for a Gravely walk behind tractor for years. Finally found one in my price range. Can you folks help me get it back up and running? I belive it is a 1958 but build plate ois missing. Engine is free, I have changed plug, changed oil. Tank is rusty, but no holes.


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If you plan on using it a lot my opinion is get the magneto professionally rebuilt as intermittent starting and stopping problems are often caused by those wico magnetos. The more they wear out the later they fire which is why checking magneto to engine timing is important. If you find slow engine speeds fail to give expected torque better consider getting compression back up that also makes the tractor safer to use.
A metal screw driver between the magneto body and kill button also grounds it. Don't forget to take it out when making a starting attempt.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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