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first mm post

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that word never doesn't look good sitting there.we'll start with a big one. make it a quiz anyone care to guess what it is.


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I have no idea but for some reasone Hart Par comes to mind? Great to see you posting again Bear! I enjoy looking at your stuff. :fing32: As good as watching Machinery of the Past.
its a 40-60 twin city one of the 3 companies that merged to form minneapolis moline. when i get this resizing mastered i'll get some pics of my hart parr up on the oliver forum, and pictures of the z mm posted with paint on it
Is this one of yours bear? Does it run and how long have you had it if it is yours?
I go to a show near Bangor, PA a couple of times a year and have seen a big steam powered tractor in operation. Man oh MAN, they are something to see. One guy steering, one guy stoking the fire and a third guy running around on the ground squirting oil on all the linkages. Really something to see....
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its a freinds tractor we run it for him every year at threshing show in crosby north dakota
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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