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We have had high humidity along with near 100 degree temps, so the Green Machine Murray was setting in the shop waiting on me to finish up and take it to the new owner.

Today, after we had a nice cooling rain yesterday, I was able to get the Green Machine more or less finished today. It does have to be cleaned up and polished.

I took it out and mowed my grass with it. It sure does cut good. And it sounds like a whirlwind going on under that deck.

Items done to make it a more desirable purchase:

Sharpen blades
Repair hood grille nose piece
Repaint deck
Lube shifter linkage
Leveled deck

Replaced Briggs twin - $75
Replaced idler pulley - $13
Replaced blade belt - $16
Replaced Drive belt - $25
Carb fuel pump diaphragm - $8
New spark plugs - $6
New choke cable - $12
Slime for tires - $12

Original purchase - $150

Sold for $650, so do the math, not a bad profit. It sold before it was ready, and I just have a few adjustments and the body to clean up and polishing it up. I'll take final photo's and post them tomorrow.

For those that have followed the Green Machine, the new owner didn't want the snow plow.

Snow plow is available.

Old Iron......Forever
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Well here it is with the snow plow blade on it, and the 52" deck I got with the Green Machine. It is now back on it. And dusty dirty after mowing my yard.

I'll start out with a photo of it after I finished mowing this evening. It was getting dark so I wasn't thinking of the camera. In fact, I skipped my usual "after mowing the yard" beer:trink40: I usually have.


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