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finaly got the 650

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well testerday i picked up the 650,im not shure if the deal i made was a good one.its got 656 hrs on it.a jd plow blade with the front hydro 4 ft ford bush hog and a belly mower and its fwd its in really nice shape and runs fantastic.i pd 4500 for it is that too much.i really dont need the belly mower and are looking to sell that.okay now i have a couple ?when i took of the bush hog i noticed that is wasent square with the bach of the tractor.i thought no biggie.then i noticed the lift bars where at differnt heightsoff my garage floor.shouldnt they be level .the one side is adjustible and the other is a solid bar.should i get anothe adjustible lift bar and make them both the the same height? another thing i noticed is when i turn the steering wheel there is slight movement in thr front axel is that normal.and i whant to change the oil .whats the capicity on the deisel.and oil filter number.thanks all
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Congratulations. For the hours and number of attachments it sounds like you did pretty good on the money.

The unlevel three point hitch is adjustable with just the one adjuster. All you do is adjust one side until its even with the other. You shouldn't need to buy the other one.

On the front axle, it sounds to me like the axle housing has some wear at it's attachment point. In the diagram, I would check:

3 CH14629 SEAT
24 CH15350 SHIM
25 CH14535 SPACER

Again, congratulations and put up some pics when you can. :fing32:
Welcome to the 650 club!:fing32: You did very well on price, especially if it has the factory SCV hydraulics. I'd have some interest in the mower deck. Send me a PM and we'll discuss.

DJ is right about the 3 point. It came from the factory with only one. My front axle has a bit of slop in it too. I should look into shimming it, just hasn't every been a big priority.

It holds 2.6 quarts of oil. I use JD 15W-40. The JD oil filter P/N is M801002

Let's see some pic's!!!
I just checked the shim kit through JD. The old part number is CH15350 and it has been superseded with LVA802900. It retails for $5.48.
thanks for the info post some picts but i dont know thinking the soliod arm isnt the right one .i cant seam to get enough adjustment out of it .i have about a inch of threads showing and i cant turn it any more.acts like its froze up.ill take and put some heat to it tdy and see if i cant get more out of the threads how long are the hime jt threads on the adjustment bar?and what do you think the belly mowers worth .im looking for a tiller .:thThumbsU
I just checked the shim kit through JD. The old part number is CH15350 and it has been superseded with LVA802900. It retails for $5.48.
omg thats a john deere part.thats to it hard to do
Here's a rear view of my 3pt with an old blade attached. All parts are factory (except the blade)


Your lifting link does look like this one, correct?

If so, make sure that the zerk fitting (#6) is in place and there's plenty of grease in it. Use some penetrating oil on the threads too if its seized up.

Also, check parts #9 and #14, the pins at the bottom of the lifting links. Notice the rectangular steel plates. When the plates are turned vertical, it allows the implement arms to float. Turning them horizontal locks them into position. This can make it difficult to get the implement level while in the float position.

For posting pics, try reading these threads. They're really good.
just a update .well the altinater is bad.and the rear tire is flat:banghead3.i think i got a lemon lol.does anybody know where i can get a altinater at a reasonable price .can you rebuild them if there a kit part #.its just my luck.thanks all
Do you have any starter/alternator rebuild shops in your area? If so, they may be able to rebuild it for you and save you some real money on this thing. About the cheapest alternators that I've seen are on Ebay, and their still in the $200 to $300 range.
thanks dale i will look into that .the local shop wants 200 for a rebuild if i can get a new one for that i would.i cant belive there so expensive for something so small they must be gold lined
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