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Finally, some snow! Got some plow time in!

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Got a little bit of lake effect snow over the last few days and got some fun seat time. Took couple pics for ya.


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Looks like fun. Nice looking plow rig!
Thanks for the pics, she's a pretty one in the snow!
Yep that rig sure stands out in snow! Where are my sunglasses???? Very nice!
Nice work Greg on the IHCC 100! Realy looks good! Was nice to meet you, hope we can hook up on more IHCC parts! I still have the complete wireharness with push button, and the ign. swutch with key for a 100. Later, John
Looks great! Cant wait to get my 72 all fixed again!
Looks great! Cant wait to get my 72 all fixed again!
MTD snow plow,

Have you then decided to keep the IHCC 72? Hope ya do, 'cause its one good garden tractor! LOL, I believe I have the same style seat pan.
Well, today temperature is supposed to reach 45* ! Wouldent surprize me if it reached 50*. Guess I'll take the mild winter!
Aw well, the snow is melting and the weather is warming. Bummer :(
No plowing yet here. I even rode my Harley yesterday and today as the temp got up to 60!
No plowing here either...yesterday was close to 55. We love it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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