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Finally saw the light! Actually green!

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Bought my first JD last night. A 2003 4110/fel, and hst, with 922 hours. It needs a bit of tinkering, new front tires, the flashers aren't working, and a couple of work lights added. The tractor was just at the dealer for $1100 of repairs, new battery, fuel solenoid, all fluids changed. The PO bought it from a bankruptcy. The fenders were rusted completely out so he took it to a body shop and had new fenders made, installed and painted for another $700. I do have a couple of Bolens tractors that I love, but my wife and I needed something a little bigger with 4x4 and a loader.
I woul like to hook up a dual spool to it for ports at the rear and at the bucket to run a clam. Would anyone have pics how to connect into existing spool? Tks in advance.
Here is a pic of "Johnny".


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NICE! Welcome to the family! ??
It’s been 3 weeks since we bought the tractor, it has seemed to work good, but wit a couple of problems. Replaced 2 of the steel hydraulic lines for the loader that run under the floor board. The one for main boom down rusted through and started leaking, so I replaced both boom lines, will replace the bucket lines later.

The other problem was the raising of the 3 point. Sometimes it would raise, others not for a couple of minutes or so. Down was fine. Looking through online manuals and trouble shooting, one cause was possibly the sump screen is dirty, drained the tranny, took out screen, was very dirty, cleaned, refilled trans. Seemed to help a bit, but was still doing same thing. Did more researching and discovered there is also a small screen filter on the pressure line at the trans. Removed it today and found that whoever put it in the last time, put it and the bushing behind it in crooked. Flattened out the screen and bent the bushing. Was able to reform the screen using a pencil with an eraser and rerounded the bushing enough to get it in, reinstalled filter, connected pressure line . The lift lever was in the up position when I started the tractor, the 3-pt immediately raised. Tried it again a while later and it works perfectly. Haven’t taken tractor to try it, but would lift the 200 LB. sander 3-pt sander no prob.

In the picture it is part # 6(filter) and #13(bushing).


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Sounds like you are working your way through the problems, should have a very capable machine when you finish.
Great machine. Sounds like its been challenged for a little love but I'm sure you'll fix that. :)
Thought I fixed the 3-pt, but it still did the same thing today. All the other hydraulics work good, but that. Thinking now it is in the speed valve or lift valve. Going to call my local dealer to see if he can give me any ideas. Hopefully.
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