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finally pictures of my 95 lt4000

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here are some pictures of my 95 craftsman lt4000 from the scrapyard. i changed rear tires to a set i had that was a few years old cuase original tires had a leak. changed engine to my trusty 97 12hp briggs until i can get the seal for the 12.5. i did spot some frame damage on the mower but it wont hurt anything i just cant put a snowplow on it. repaired the deck did a few other things. is the forums from earlier posts.


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heres more including some of the parts i removed.


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this is my second lt4000. my first one was a 91 and it lasted 3 years i litterally drove it till it fell apart. but this 95 is the first 38 inch i ever had that doesnt take the deck that mounts to the front axle lol.
heres list of all craftsmans i owned in order i got them.

1986 10hp 36 inch deck scrap after 1 1/2 years of use
1991 lt4000 38 inch deck ended up parting out good parts
1984 10hp 36inch deck sold on craigslist
1996 19hp twin 42 inch deck cracked frame parted out
1997 19.5hp twin 42 inch deck (never had it running for one reason caught fire before i got it. was used for parts)
1984 11hp 38 inch deck sold to a friend
1995 15.5hp no deck parted out
2003 17.5hp 42 inch deck going to be sold in spring. i rebuilt the engine and put tons of parts into the mower.
1987 11hp 36 inch deck but got no engine or deck with it but had a engine that will last until spring cross my fingers but its my plow tractor.
1995 12.5hp 38 inch one pictured above lol

has u can see i try my best to get stuff working. i love going to scrap yards and buying mowers to try to get them running and try selling them but the 95 is not going to be sold. its actually has very low hours on it. to tell u the truth the muffler smells new still when ur running the engine. has the new muffler smell. i plan on getting a parts mower next year and finishing the tractor up and get rid of the bent fenders and few minor stuff. the mower has plenty of life left in it.
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