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finally pictures of my 95 lt4000

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here are some pictures of my 95 craftsman lt4000 from the scrapyard. i changed rear tires to a set i had that was a few years old cuase original tires had a leak. changed engine to my trusty 97 12hp briggs until i can get the seal for the 12.5. i did spot some frame damage on the mower but it wont hurt anything i just cant put a snowplow on it. repaired the deck did a few other things. is the forums from earlier posts.


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Good find, CMF. I had one of those I bought used and I used it to no end! It mowed, bagged, pulled an aerator, dethatcher and sweeper. Even hung a snow plow and chains on it last winter. I sold it this past spring and I know the new owner is using it like I did. One tough little LT.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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