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FINALLY got it! 1477 with Loader!!

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Finally got my income tax, so I ran out and got my 1000 dollar tractor with loader! For those that didnt read my last post, you guys helped me identify as a 1477 large frame, repowered with a 16hp single briggs. The repower is decent, I'm not entirely happy with it, but it is pretty powerful so I will let it be for a bit. Love the ripper teeth on the bucket.

1. the cables are moved due to the repower, and kinda have to play to get the throttle right when starting. starts great, once I found the right position, goes nice.
2. Can someone tell me how the pedal should be? mine feels extra touchy, and sometimes it will start vibrating wildly and jumping if i have my foot off it.
seems almost like there is some kind of retainer piece missing
3. Gotta change out one of the hydraulic hoses. they made it just a bit short and gets caught near the pedal. Kind of safety hazard since it can get pinched behind the pedal and stuck in full speed reverse.
4. Deere colors. As much as I love JD, the weight box, sub frame and tire colors have to go. Also gotta get a real seat over the tin, the guy just had a JD foam over it. It will do for now.

All in all, about all i could ask for the price. Tractor is in decent shape, more stuff that I WANT to work on, not need to, and the loader looks pretty great.


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sounds like with a little work that will be good to have two more hp than original.I would check the fluid in the hydro for one.
their is a "pedal flutter" adjustment located on the hydro -you need to remove the seat pan/fender you can snug up the tension at lock nut and you will see 2- curvered washers their is an ajustment procedure in the manuall it should be an eaton 12 hydro
Nice! Congrats on the new addition. :)
Congrats!!!!!!!! I love it when a plan comes together.
Couldn't go wrong at that price,I think your going to be happy with it,good luck on your new project
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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