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Finally got a promo!!!

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WOOOHOOOOOO!!! R7070, it needs is a carb and the rear bagger is gone. It turns over smooth, great compression...Too cold outside to give it a real good look-see. I am in need of a carb and filter box if anyone has one. sorry about the crap photos, it's cold outside and my hands were shaking. more pics later...


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Thanks! I've been on the lookout for a promo for a while now...and finally...for $10. The white is just a piece of sheetmetal unfortunately. If that was a Liberty chute, I'd be tearing that guy's property to pieces looking for the rest of it. ;) I don't know much about the promos, so I can't say if they were mostly steel decks or not. but yes, it is an aluminum deck. The mower overall is in great shape, and if you look close at the carb, you can see where he has a plastic bag over it. That gives me the impression that he really cares about his equipment. BTW, is the airbox supposed to be green or yellow?

Gawd, I can't wait to use it...
They were all aluminum decks for the 2 model years. This model was specifically used to "promote" the F series engine.
What else did they promote with these mowers? I've had no luck finding out on the interwebs.
I seem to be unable to upload pictures now... i guess i'll try later. says i'm missing a "token".
After a good lookin-at, I think this is one of the better "F" engined mowers I've picked up. Very little side play in the crank, turns over very smooth, great compresion, wheel and adjusters good, deck good, almost unnoticeable discoloration in the shroud. The recoil even seems good....(I don't know how). I think it will get seals and bearings just because. Perhaps I'll try a restoration...never done one before, but after seeing what some people do here, I'm tempted. My main worry is finding decals.

Jimbird, thanks for the offer, Indy had one and we've made a deal already.

I still can't upload pics...anyone else having this problem?
OK, Here's the pics...



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