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Finally got a promo!!!

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WOOOHOOOOOO!!! R7070, it needs is a carb and the rear bagger is gone. It turns over smooth, great compression...Too cold outside to give it a real good look-see. I am in need of a carb and filter box if anyone has one. sorry about the crap photos, it's cold outside and my hands were shaking. more pics later...


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I own a few Promos myself, I had one a few years ago when no one knew what they were LOL. As echoman stated, they were made to promote the F engine, How i dont know other than the interesting colors. Many people also thought they were made for John Deere but we never did see any John Deere labled ones(although later lawn boy did build a mower for JD with an f engine but was jd green and black) Im a big fan of them, excellent mower. I also have a just about mint condition promo(not the one in my avatar) that is all original down to the spark plug i believe except for the coil which i needed replaced.

The Promos were made in both steel deck and aluminum deck. I had a steel deck model at one time but wound up parting it out. The steel deck push model is 7071, the sp model is 8071 and the aluminum deck models are R7070 push and the sp model is 8070.

BTW excellent find at an amazing price!
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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