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Finally got a promo!!!

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WOOOHOOOOOO!!! R7070, it needs is a carb and the rear bagger is gone. It turns over smooth, great compression...Too cold outside to give it a real good look-see. I am in need of a carb and filter box if anyone has one. sorry about the crap photos, it's cold outside and my hands were shaking. more pics later...


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Nice find! Is that a WHITE chute cover? I'm sure there's a line of people looking for one of those for a liberty machine! Which also begs the question if the guy you got this from had the white cover, did he have a liberty machine hiding somewhere??

That's an aluminium deck... I thought the Promo models were all steel deck?
Ok, I just was going by the ones I've seen on Ebay and on here, seems some of them I've seen were steel decks for some reason.

I'm happy to finally know what the Promo model was for though! I've never really known what they were promoting.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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