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Finally got a promo!!!

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WOOOHOOOOOO!!! R7070, it needs is a carb and the rear bagger is gone. It turns over smooth, great compression...Too cold outside to give it a real good look-see. I am in need of a carb and filter box if anyone has one. sorry about the crap photos, it's cold outside and my hands were shaking. more pics later...


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Hey Coolted
i have a carb if you want it. Very nice Find. I just serviced the same mower for a guy here in my home town. He owns property down the road from me and he has 4 lawnboys that I fixed for him. All were out of commision for at least 10 years. He has the same one as you have here, a 1970 Brick top model 7021 that is in absolutly mint condition, also a 1978 Model year 8238AE that looks like showroom condition, and a 1979 utility mower that I transformed into a 21" push mower with the mag deck and the d-600 series mounting plate and muffler. The promo he has is just like yours and in excellent condition. His is missing the left hand solid state decal but that is about all. The paint looks like new. He at first said he didn't need 4 mowers, but after I fixed them all up, he realizes that he is in love with them especially since they were all his family members mowers. I have got him into the collecting mode now.
Great finds.
PM me if you want a carb for that and also an airfilter cover.
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