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Finally got a Case

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Went on craigslook and went through all the case tractors for sale ad`s. I finally found a Case tractor, a 444, going to pick it up this Sunday. I think the man is the original owner, but I`ll find out for sure.

I asked what`s needs fixing, said it not charging, also something about the governed needs adjusting? I asked if it used any oil, no doesn't smoke runs very good. Hydro and deck lift work fine. I asked about the deck any noises or rust through, no holes, no noise but there is rust it and old tractor.

The price is the same as the Case 222 in Mansfield, CT. So Sunday hope it`s a nice day it`s about a 2.5 hour ride, Going up to check it out, then load it on my trailer. Talk some more to the owner get as much info, as I can, maybe any paper work like a manual. He told me everyone that has called think they are going to get a tractor that is perfect and needs nothing or work, that`s why it is selling for $350.

Hey for the price I`m getting a lot of tractor, that needs some TLC, I`m glad they passed it up. Even the owner wanted to make sure I knew what I was buying. There are other Case 444 that are priced from $850. to $1,200 that need very little to no work. So I`ll be back with lots of question and pictures, when I get her home. Any Idea of the year it has a 14hp Kohler under the hood?

link to craigslist ad.
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If that's a picture of it, it looks pretty good, you will need the serial number to get the exact year, congrats on your find, this is the right place to get all the info you will be needing.
I can't remember whether flat fenders began in '70 or '71, ... It's definitely pre Snap-Fast. They began building 400's in '69... Yours is most likely '69-71 range.

Keep in mind that has the old attachment setup. While "other" 400 series are selling for more, attachments are far more plentiful and cheaper for models built after 1971... They also have rubber engine isolators. I'm not saying your 444 is by any means a bad tractor... But you need to look at it in a certain perspective. finding a plow and a snowcaster that fit isn't going to be easy.

Be sure to check the frame for cracking near the transaxle and where the engine attaches, and the bottom of the transaxle for carrier bolt damage.

Looks like a great deal for what you are getting. Good luck!

Mower_Man42 - I'm sure glad you found a good Case tractor you can fix and call your own, however, I wouldn't be announcing just yet that it's yours until it's either in the bed of your truck or on the trailer. I've heard far too many stories about guys going to pick up a tractor they just spoke to the owner about (and squared the deal over the phone even) only to find out the owner sold it to the first person that handed them the cash before they arrived to the owners house, even after driving several hours.

To the detriment of us all and our society as a whole there just isn't the trust between individuals these days as there was years ago. So, just be careful about how loud you yell and to whom?!?!?!?

Great find indeed and the best of luck!!! Please let us know all you can about the tractor when you can.
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I'm assuming that you want both the good news and the bad news.

The good news is this. It's worth $350.00 all day long, no matter what. That's a 1969 444 PK model which is the first year for the 400 and the 200 series. For the year, it looks to be in very good condition. The tin appears to be straight and all there. It is a very collectible tractor and if you intend to do a restoration, it should be fairly straight forward.

Now for the not-so-good news.

Back then, hydraulic implement lift was an option and from what I can see, this tractor has manual lift for the deck and all other attachments. The Snap-Fast implement attachment system did not appear on tractors until 1971 so THEORETICALLY.... this tractor does not have Snap-Fast. More on that momentarily. This tractor also has a dedicated starter motor plus a separate alternator. Most likely, the regulator has failed and that's why it is not charging. Case went back to start/gen units shortly after but in 1978 they returned to separate starters and alternators.

Originally, these engines were fitted with a breakerless ignition system. Nice idea but the replacement components are very pricey. Many of these engines got converted back to points, condenser and ignition coils. To do this conversion, changes in the wiring harness had to be made plus you needed a different ignition switch along with the other parts I just mentioned.

The photo confuses me because I'm sure that's an H-46 mower deck under the tractor and it shouldn't be there. But I also see what looks like black paint on the tractor's frame near the front. It could be that this guy modified the frame to accept the Snap-Fast implements after his old G-deck wore out.

I don't know what your expectations are for this tractor. If you intend to work it, then it would be a good thing if the frame was converted. You would have no problem finding the later Snap-Fast attachments such as a blade or snowcaster. If I'm wrong and it hasn't been converted, then finding the older attachments can be more difficult.
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I`ll know more on Sunday, the owner said that the mower deck is something like 54" across, not sure if that with the chute deflector down. but my trailer will hold that width. I blew up the photo up this time, may help if it wasn't so blurry. The owner may have bought it like this and he isn't the first owner, he`s 70 years old and it sounded like he has owned it for some time.

I`ll take my time and look it over really good. So if it`s got a coil then it`s been changed back to points? I want to see how well it cuts after I get all of the problems fixed. I`ve always wanted a Case/Ingersoll type tractor after almost buying the 316LGT, may not have been the right choice, but it was built like a tank. The mower decks must work well being deep and look almost like a fabricated mower deck. The owner did say that the hyd. deck lift worked fine, so maybe the model and serial number will tell more about this Case 444.

I`ll copy and paste all the things I need to look at or out for, print that out and take it with me.

I have a Wheel Horse C-85 I can plow with, just need a plow and the quick attach. I use a Toro 828 Power Max snow blower because I can put that in the back of my Dakota, better then dragging a trailer around. Here on the coast we get more wet snow then the fluffy stuff.

Lets hope the owner is a stand up guy I think he is, loosing trust in people is really a bad trend now a days.....
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Mower_Man, that's exactly and I mean exactly what I've been looking for! An older 444 that needs a little work and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Don't worry - it's too far for me to buy out from under you, I wouldn't do that anyway. I don't know how others handle the situation when driving a distance for something but I would maybe call the owner again and just make sure that it's going to be there when you get there. A while ago, when I was still pretty new to being interested in tractors in general I found a really good deal on a 220 that sounded like it just needed a tuneup to run. I emailed the owner back and forth 5 or 6 times throughout the day asking questions and talking about the tractor. I even called him on his cell phone right before walking out of my door to go buy the tractor. I had to remove my truck toolbox and load the ramps. I got there and found the house about an hour drive later, only to have the guy come to the door and say, well it's gone. At first I thought he was pulling my chain, but gave me some story about how a guy showed up "earlier" and he thought it was me, and the guy bought it. Keep in mind I talked to this bozo an hour before and told him I was leaving and would be there in an hour. The whole thing never added up but I just had to leave it go. Sorry for the useless rambling, but thought maybe it would help you or somebody in the future who is going to spend time driving to get something. Back to the point - great looking tractor. I will surely be looking forward to seeing more pictures of it when it gets home, and I'm sure all of the others here will as well.
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Thanks CaseGT I know what your talking about, just hope he a man of his word, I am. I figure we can`t stop having faith in other people if we do, it will be like shooting yourself in the foot. No one trusts anyone any more, where that get you. To bad it not closer and all my work that needs being done is done. I told him I will call him Sunday morning to let him know I`ll be there, he said after 1 pm so he and his wife are most likely going to church. Yeah I think it a pretty cool tractor, never been into waxing tools, but I`ll power wash her though, blow her dry.

there`s this one down your way not a 444 but a 222 around the same age in Silverdale Pa.
Hey mowerman... I hope it works out for you this weekend.

That looks like a solid old tractor. From the looks of that picture, the old guy has gotten himself a newer JD to handle the groundskeeping duties.

Not that that is a bad thing, but you will be leaving there with the better of the two tractors for sure, just look at the difference in the rear wheels, two completely different vehicles.

Once you get it in top shape it's going to be one nice machine. Here's to you getting it. I will say prayer for ya.

I sure am happy with my CASE.
I agree with Castoff on all fronts, it is definitely a 1969, but it also appears that it may have been modified to accept the newer decks, in either case its definitely worth the $350.00 all day long.

It is also true that trust and one's word is gone in our society, there is only one way around this or you may lose out and that is when finding something that you really want you must immediately alter your schedule and meet the seller at their earliest convenience. I can't tell you how many times people come to this forum to ask for advice on a tractor and its already gone by the time they contact the seller and many times before they finish posting their question.
I know I'd be more willing to hold things for people if they kept their word and showed up when they promise. Same goes for showing up on time. "If I had a nickel..." would be a phrase that sums up those situations. In the end I have to remind myself to treat business transactions as such: Business-like - and first money wins out, as long as the amount is right. And as amusing as a bidding war in my driveway would be between prospective buyers, it's ultimately bad for business.
Yes... I'm totally on board with CM2 and Classic on those issues. If I see an advert for a tractor I want, I immediately telephone the Seller and talk to him about what s/he has for sale. I then ask for their address and arrange to either come right away or the very next day. I figure out in advance when I can be there and I tell the Seller that I am going to arrive at his/her home as close to 2:00 PM as traffic will allow. I then hook up my trailer, go to the bank and get cash and then telephone the Seller again to tell him/her that I'm on my way... see you at 2.

If it appears that I'm going to be even the slightest bit late, I call the Seller again and say "Hi... looks like I'm not going to make it by 2 because I was delayed by some roadwork. Right now, I'm on Highway such and such and just went by the town of Pleasantville and the sign says I'm still 44 miles from your town." Sellers appreciate me doing that because they've got other things they'd rather be doing than sitting around wondering if I'm really going to show up as promised or I'm just another time-wasting tire kicker.

When I pull up and they see that I brought my trailer, then they know immediately that they are dealing with a serious buyer who came to their home with the intention of taking this tractor away with them. The rest of it comes down to a price that the two of you can live with. I've never gone home empty-handed. Most Sellers want the tractor gone ASAP so they can close that chapter and they are reluctant to let you leave their property without the tractor. CASH is KING. Cash means that a Seller has no worries. He gets your cash and you get his tractor right on the spot.

I recently bought a tractor that is in another state. I saw photos of it but I couldn't go and see it. I called the Seller, told him I wanted to buy his tractor and explained my problem. He explained his. If he had his choice, the tractor would not be for sale because it once belonged to his grandfather but he had fallen on hard times and needed the money so it was for sale to whomever paid him first. After several more minutes of intense conversation, I convinced him that I was dead serious about buying his tractor and he agreed to pull the C/L ad as well as telling all other callers that it was sold.

The next day, I wired him his asking price in full in exchange for his word that he would hang onto the tractor for me while I arranged for it to be picked up by a third party. That was three weeks ago and if all goes well, the tractor will be retrieved from him this weekend. Had I not done what I did, the tractor would have been sold the very next day and I'd have lost it. These tractors do not normally hang around for very long if they are priced right and that 444 certainly fits that description. I will be very surprised if it is still there for you to buy come Sunday.

And BTW, after looking at it once again, it does appear that it has the optional implement lift. Your blow up photo helped in that regard and that makes this tractor a bigger bargain.
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Thanks everyone for all your suggestions, I spoke with him on the phone and agreed to send him a deposit and that he can consider it sold and Sunday is the day that it will be paid for in full. I just called to let him know I`m on top of things but he was out, so I`ll try again later. I got all of my direction to and from his home to mine. The list I made out using most of the things you guy`s suggested I look at.

Wish I could go Saturday but my co-pilot already has something plan for Saturday. Two sets of eyes are better then just mine especially when pulling a trailer. Remember I`ll be in Massachusetts and their driving is crazy, I use to live in Massachusetts and hated RT 128 the most. Having someone pass you in the break down lane doing 80 or better and your heading for the off ramp will get your heart pumping big time, they don`t slow down, just blast right by you with the horn blowing.

I`ll just have to wait until Sunday to see if he is a man of his word, I hope I`m not wrong.
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Well today is the day, MowerMan you should be about ready to head out the door to meet him at 1 o'clock.

Hope to hear some good news this evening about your new treasure. Best of luck sir....

Hello gentlemen - don't know if this thread is still active but im new to this forum and bought myself an older Case 444 (similar to Mower_Man42) with attachments and have been wondering if any of you happen to know what the older mower decks look like??
My serial number is 9634848 as far as I know its pre 1972. The guy I bought the tractor from said he only bought it for snow removal, never used the deck, and the tiller it came with was only used as counter weight. He claims the guy he bought the tractor from said the deck is the correct one. The deck has one 1" round bar going from the mule drive to the back of the deck where it attaches to it. I've been able to hook up the front of the deck but im not sure how the back hooks up...and if the back of the deck is suppost to stay stationary or is it suppost to move up/down with the front of the deck???:dunno:
Thanks in advance:thanku:
The mower deck is most likely a model F or G-44 or G-46 designed to fit the early Case 444. The 1" bar should have a plate with 4 holes that bolts above the center deck drive pulley and a U shape round link on the back-end that hooks into a vertical flat bar connected to the rear mower deck wheels. You can go to INGERSOLL and locate the mower deck PDF's to view all the parts.

Thank you very much RestMyCase!! I checked that link you sent - the F44 is the deck I have. It even showed where I can find the serial/model number.
I was cruising around on the 444 this past weekend trying out the deck and noticed that the rpms change dramatically when I'm running up and down the ditch by the road. My craftsman tractor's engine hardly changes at all and that's turning 2 belts. Is this normal or is there something I have to check into??
Do you have the rear axle in Low Range ? Could you be more detailed about the engine RPM changing such as going down/up hill or putting a load on it ? Verify that the engine governor is operating correctly to maintain set engine RPM.

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