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Finally enough snow to test out the 416-H blower.

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:snowing::snowing::snowing:Just enough snow to try out the 416-H with the single stage thrower. Wish we had more so I had more seat time to play around. I never thought I would say I miss the snow after plowing for twenty years, but as long as I dont have a time frame and can do it at my leisure, I miss it a good deal.

I scraped some with the C-101 and that thing is a tank with chains, weights and my 400 lb. on it. It cant be stopped while in far. I didnt get a video of that, but I DID get a video of me running out of gas while my GF tells me to "....make sure I check the fuel before I start working" like she always does....and I always DONT. I didnt think it would take that long, but you know how it goes when your playing with your toys, right????? :coffee::coffee::coffee:
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Guess what happened to me and the plow at the bottom of my driveway this afternoon. You'll never guess. Not in a million years. I don't think any cameras were runing.

It happens to all of us, once (or twice).
Just for the record, MY gf told me to tell you the same thing......"....check the gas before you get working...."

I know, I know....blah, blah, one ear and out the other. :thThumbsU:sorry1:

At least I didnt yell "Hey honey....bring me the gas can!" or I imagine all heck would have broke loose, lol!
I was going to edit that part out, but she said "Dont you dare....I told you to check your fuel and you didnt listen!", lol!

I guess shes a stickler for reality instead of all the edits. Trust me....she isnt letting up either. Everytime I play the video, she is watching over my shoulder to make sure I dont take that part out.

Im just glad I could make SOMEONE smile today....besides my GF, lol!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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