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Finally enough snow to test out the 416-H blower.

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:snowing::snowing::snowing:Just enough snow to try out the 416-H with the single stage thrower. Wish we had more so I had more seat time to play around. I never thought I would say I miss the snow after plowing for twenty years, but as long as I dont have a time frame and can do it at my leisure, I miss it a good deal.

I scraped some with the C-101 and that thing is a tank with chains, weights and my 400 lb. on it. It cant be stopped while in far. I didnt get a video of that, but I DID get a video of me running out of gas while my GF tells me to "....make sure I check the fuel before I start working" like she always does....and I always DONT. I didnt think it would take that long, but you know how it goes when your playing with your toys, right????? :coffee::coffee::coffee:
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At least it didn't run out gas in the middle of the road :fing32:
(yes, I've done that with the S.S. blower on it. Not very light to push into the driveway either...:banghead3)
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