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Fill Tires WW vs CaCl

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I am trying to decide if I should use windshield washer fluid or salt water (CaCl mixture) to fill my tires. I already have inner tubes and thought the additional weight of the CaCl mixture might be worth it. I know at some point the valves will corrode, but that is an easy fix.
My 23 x 8.5 x 12 rear tires should hold around 6 gallons 12 between the two of them. So WW would be roughly 42 pounds per tire and 84 total. A CaCl mixture should be roughly 30% heavier so around 54 pounds per tire and 108 total.
what are your guys thoughts on the value of the additional 25 pounds for traction vs. the potential corrosion from a CaCl mixture?
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I ended up going with the Windshield Washer Fluid. I decided that even with the tubes the extra few pounds was not worth a rotten rim down the line. This tractor has been in the family for 39 years and I plan on trying to keep it another 40.
I ended up with 5 gallons in each tube. I probably could have gotten 6 but wanted to maintain a decent cushion of air for bumps. So at 7-8 pounds per gallon I have an additional 70-80 pounds total.
One question I still have is if I need to run a lower psi to maintain a decent cushion since the volume of air is so low now. Any thoughts?
Just a little update. I just got done mounting the tires and gave her a test run. The difference is night and day. I have a very steep slope down to the garage behind my house and have always had trouble spinning when pushing gravel back up the hill.
I tried just now and had no spinning or even bogging of the motor. Looks like the WW was plenty of added weight.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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