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few ?'s about my GT1655

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I am trying to find out a few things about it. This is what I have.

White Yard Boss GT1655

Model 991-189 #'s below 10590
Serial # 41-012-1261

I would like to find out what year it is ?

I have a MTD pto tiller for it but the numbers are unreadable, wondering where I can find some pics to match it up to see what model it is.

I also need to get some chains for the 3pt hitch, what size and how long or how many links.

Any help would be great, Thanks
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Thanks for the chain info, but I just got a copy of a owners manuel this morning and on the front page it was dated 1979 and I just found this info online says they were produced 1980-85 now I am really confused.
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