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few ?'s about my GT1655

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I am trying to find out a few things about it. This is what I have.

White Yard Boss GT1655

Model 991-189 #'s below 10590
Serial # 41-012-1261

I would like to find out what year it is ?

I have a MTD pto tiller for it but the numbers are unreadable, wondering where I can find some pics to match it up to see what model it is.

I also need to get some chains for the 3pt hitch, what size and how long or how many links.

Any help would be great, Thanks
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The 1655 were made between 1987 and 1988. I don't have My White GT2055 at my House right now or I could tell you how many chain links for the sway chains. But on this link Click on use detailed parts finder it should help you out :thThumbsU
They are 20 links chains I Just found it on the website Couldn't remember for the life of me. :thThumbsU
Well I just got those Dates from the White web site by plugging in your Model Number. MTD always made the White Tractor for White Outdoor products. MTD took ownership of White outdoor Products in 1981. Jacobson may have made some of the early White Tractors when The first came out because White Had Bought Oliver who had Used Jacobson to make there Lawn and Garden tractors in the late 1960's But at least since the MID 1970's White Tractors were made By MTD, I think your link might be closer to the truth then the MTD White Web site. :thThumbsU
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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