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Ferris Is700z bagger questions

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Hello Everyone!
I have a 2018 IS700z that I am considering buying a bagger for. I mainly would be using it for grass and early leaf season. I have a John Deere 140 with a cyclone rake for the heavy leaves. However if I could use the Zero turn for leaves, it would be way faster than my old 140!
Here is my concern...After looking at the Ferris website, it looks like they make several different collections systems. I noticed that the smallest bagger (turbo pro) is the only one that fits my machine. However, the other two baggers (the turbo pro max and fast vac) have a much larger impeller. I am confused by this, as my machine is 27 hp. Will it not run the larger systems? Does anyone have any experience with any of these bagging systems? My dealer is new and he doesn
t know a lot about them. I am hoping for some help! Any help would be appreciated!
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You could use the cyclone rake with your zero turn...
I really wanted something a little smaller that didn't stick out so far for just general mowing. Also, my cyclone rake is older, I believe it is the original one which would be comparable to the "classic: that they make now. I am not sure if it would be big enough for my Ferris.
Thanks for the reply though!
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