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hi guys,
new to the site and need a little info on a problem/ possible solution i have.
bought this fergie about 4 months ago and from the day i picked it up the 3 point wouldn't hold any weight. it would be on the ground in seconds. i removed the inspection plate and found the lift cylinder was totally shot. the tractor is an early model with the 2 1/2" piston. after much looking all i could find are 3" lift cylinders and was told that the 2 1/2" is more or less an obsolete design that replacement parts haven't been made in years. i can still get new piston and the steel rings for the 2 1/2", so i'm wondering if i can bore out the cylinder ( will probably need at least .030 to clean up the gouges) and then sleeve it like an engine cylinder. was wondering if anyone has tried this or am i wasting my time. i'll obviously make the sleeve with at least .100" walls. any ideas or suggestions? if this doesn't work i can make a whole new cylinder, but that is a whole lot of cutting and time.

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