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I was at a tractor show last weekend and saw a Ferguson TO30 with a dual PTO, and I can't recall seeing one like this before. It was sitting right next to a TO35 that didn't have the feature, but provided an excellent comparison. I couldn't find the owner to ask directly. I also find it odd that whatever this is covers about half of the PTO shaft length, for both shafts.

One time when I walked by there was an old man sitting on the drawbar. I asked if he was the owner, but he wasn't. He said it's probably 1000 RPM/540 RPM pto's, but I don't believe that, as the 1000 RPM PTO came out years later for higher horsepower machines, and the splines are wrong for it. Also, since the lower PTO is in the standard location, and the shape of the cover indicates a bigger drive for the upper PTO, I'd say it slows down the second shaft. It doesn't look like the spacing is right for them to use two drive gears of the same size, and use the additional space for some sort of slip or overrunning clutch. Attached are three photos of the machine I saw. Can anyone clear up what this feature is?


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