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Fellow comrade needs help with his LB 6461G

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Hey guys, fellow MTF comrade emailed me at home today said he is having difficulty getting on MTF so I asked him if he wanted me to post his question to the, here it is. Help please. I suspected foul fuel or H2O perhaps but could be a bit of debris in the jet also....what do you guys think?

"The mower has been great all summer but lately has been taking a lot of cranks (10-15) to get going so I"m wondering if I'm using the correct starting procedure. Should I push the speed handle all the way into the "choke" section and leave it there while cranking or should I pull it back after a few cranks to avoid flooding. Any ideas about the increase in cranks to get it going? Once running it goes like a bat out of **** - never seen so much power in a small mower. Thanks"
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The fact that it has a choke means that maybe the throttle cable has come out of adjustment and full choke at the lever may not close the butterfly fully. Just a thought. My experience with water in the gas has always been the engine didn't run well once started. He says is runs great once started.

Does it have a primer??

I've noticed on my f-series without a primer can be very hard to start with just a choke, especially on a cooler morning/day. Not sure if that is normal or not but thought i would throw it out there.....

hope this helps!!
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