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FEL Weight

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I have a utility trailer with a max weight limit of 2100 lbs. I would like to haul my Bx 2360 On it but unsure of tractor MMM and FEL weight.

Tractor Bx 2360 1322Lbs
54’ Mower 209 lbs
FEL La 243 ??
Grill guard 24Lbs
Loaded Tires ??
Any one have weight spec. for tractor set up
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Loaded tires are approx 100lbs ea and the LA210 FEL on my BX23 weighs 430lbs which would be very close to what yours weighs.
A BX with a mower and loader weighs approx. 2000 lbs or one ton. The BX23/24/25 TLB with a mower weighs about 3000 lbs or a ton and a half.

Is 2100 lbs the total capacity of the trailer or is that what is left once you subtact the trailer weight itself? You do know that the empty trailer weight is subtracted from whatever the stated capacity is, correct?
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2100 is weight minus trailer weight. Total load weight is 3000lbs.
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