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FEL Large Frame and Iseki Interchange?

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Will a loader on an Iseki adapt to a Large Frame?

I was told the 48" blower that came on the later HT23's will work on the Iseki's I'm guessing the lift arms may be different. Also what is the front PTO RPM? Is it same as large frame (1200rpm I think). I think the rear PTO on the Iseki can be 500 or 1000 and changeable.

Did they make a backhoe for the Iseki? Does that switch to a large frame?

I have a large frame now that I want a FEL for. Eventually I want an Iseki. I want 4WD. I can keep the implements/attachments and just change the host tractors with some mounting adjustments.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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No two very diffrent tractors.
The large frames have a 2000 rpm PTO By the way, so it will not go on the rear of an Iseki at all. It will go on the front with the change of a frame, but you will need to get the PTO for the front I think, my buddy has one and had to find the PTO for it.
Also, ptos spin in opposite directions. The QT/QS series spin the same direction as the iseki, but large frame does not.
I though the Iseki span the right way, but I might be wrong. I have never owned a QT or an Iseki so I am not to knowledgeable about them.
the blowers are the same for both tractors different lift arms
The Iseki is a farm tractor and the Large frame is a garden tractor Iseki has a 3 point hitch that is able to accept many different attachments. I am not sure about front mounted implements though. I have a Bolens G244 with an Iseki motor made by Isuzu. If oyu guys have any questions about them let me know.

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