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Feeling Stupid

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I'm always doing something to my 90's era LT1000 (917.255581) and yesterday was no different. I was just doing some routine maintainance on it when it dawned on me I'd never greased the front axle. I grabbed the grease gun and lo and behold, no zerks! Back to the shed for a 1/4-28 tap, drill and bit, and two zerks. Disassembled both spindles and tapped the spindle bores. Odd thing about this axle is that there are indentations for the zerks, but the factory never drilled them out. Anyway, I put everything back together and shot grease into the new zerks until it just started to ooze out. I hooked up my dethatcher and off I went across the yard. WOW! The little LT almost acts like it has power steering now, as the difference in steering is night and day. Feel so dumb for overlooking this when I got it...:banghead3
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So that's the difference between the LT1000 and the LT2000? Zerks!

I wish they had zerks in more places.
They (Sears) also forgot to add zerks to the deck spindles too. After mowing season ends, :snowing: ,that'll be the next project.
Adding Zerks to the spindles might not help anything, if the bearings are sealed, as are the ones in my LT1000's spindles.
I wouldn't feel too stupid. My mid 90's parts tractor had never been greased.

The dust covers were filled with ground up metal from the bearings. No grease whatsoever. Ever.
The LT1000 that I picked up hasn't seen grease, either. The front wheels wobble so bad, you can't steer a straight line if you wanted to. The wheel bushings have so much play in them, the tire tread is worn clean off the inside 2 inches of tire tread.
The front spindels/axles check out okay, so I'll have to rebush or add tubular spacers.
The mower did come with front end zerks, but not on the mower mandrels. The mower mandrels have sealed bushings.
When I had the spindles off, the only parts were some kind of split plastic doo-dads that I suppose are to act as bushings at the upper and lower ends.They were intact, but I suppose the powers that be deemed these a "disposable" part. SockPuppet, I was amazed that the dust caps, which are a bas**rd to take off, were very clean with no crud in them. I was just floored that a little amount of grease on the parts made a big difference! When I come back to center from a turn, the steering wheel almost wants to self-center by itself. Cool...
You got to remember some new tractors today arnt ment to grease. Thats why no zerks. Thats part of there (the makers) plan is to crudely LET THEM WARE OUT. That way YOU have to spend more $$$ to have it fixed. Or replace it. And trying to grease sealed bearings does no good. There sealed. The only way you can grease SOME sealed bearings is to dis-assyemble that part, pry the rubber seals off the bearings and pack them with grease and try to get the seal back in there. And even then there's nothing saying the seal will stay put after it's been broken for the first time. NOTE: I wouldnt do this if your machine is still under warantee.
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