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Fed up, putting a predator in Jolene!

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I have been messing with the 2 Tecumsehs I have for Jolene for several months now, and last night was the last straw. I went out to the lean-to and two pulled-to start the Greyhound on Miss Emma and went out and worked it for an hour with no issues, and parked it. Then I tried to get Jolene running, which took about an hour because the battery was weak and needed to be charged. Once I got it running, it was the same thing as before- messing with the carb and choke settings, adjusted the points, and I was just getting sick of messing with it even though it runs pretty good. I am planning on selling both the Tecs and all the spare parts and buying a predator 11HP for it- They are on sale right now at Harbor Freight, and with a 20% off coupon, it's only going to cost $200 in beautiful tax free NH. I have a little money saved up, and I need to sell the other 2 motors to finance the rest of the project. I just want easy to operate machines. I love Tec's, but I never should have sold my best running motor in the 67 Suburban 12 I sold this year. So you will hopefully be seeing another repower thread soon.

Consequently, I have 2 Tecumseh HH120's one a point motor, and one and SSI motor, both run, and a bunch of extra parts for sale. The motors are in the For Sale Section of the forum, and if you need anything for a tec tractor, let me know, I might have it.

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Ok, so whats wrong with the orange motor? Valves leaking? Pressurize the cylinder with air to see, this might save a ton of money on that new engine!
Well, I am glad I listened to you guys! The orange motor had a bad head gasket - that was it. As I said, I changed the head gasket, side cover gasket, crank seal, and valve cover gasket. I pulled the blue motor out of Jolene, put the orange one in (while I was at it, I welded some washers on my worn out clutch so the hole is round again)

Auto part

put the orange motor in, filled it up with fresh 15w40 oil, checked for spark (which is good) and cranked her up. I put the "new" tecumseh carb on it, and it started up pretty well, and I adjusted and adjusted the carb, and it still chugged and farted and popped a lot, and I couldn't get it to run right... Just for grin I put my Walbro carb with the pulse pump on it which I had previosuly had issue with as well... Set the idle and main screws to factory settings, and once the bowl filled with gas, it fired a PURRED!!!! I couldn't believe it! Mine tweaks, and it ran great idel to full throttle, no sputter, and no backfiring.

Two things I found out:
1) the spring from the throttle linkage to the governor was in the wrong hole
2) the "New" tecumseh carb that is supposed to be for a 10-12 HP is not big enough for a 12 HP motor.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy you guys pushed me to give it one more try, I have never seen a HH120 run this good before!!! Now I just need a new battery.

Thanks Thank you thank you!!!!!!
:thanku: :thanku: :thanku: :thanku: :thanku: :thanku: :thanku: :thanku:
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Nice going GT80!!!!!!!! Glad to hear you got it running.
Nice going GT80!!!!!!!! Glad to hear you got it running.
Thanks! It ran before, but it never ran like this!!!
Glad you got it running the way you want. I also like the look of these engines.
So wheres the video:dunno: haha
:ditto: thats what I wanna know! my Sub 12 ran mint, so I wanna hear yours
I will have video tomorrow. I only got it running at like 9pm, and I didn't wanna run it too long cause the neighbors still like me and I don't want to tempt fate :D
Good job! Always nice saving money...
Glad to hear Jolene still has her original "heart"..:D...surprising how many things can be "wrong" with these engines,yet still run fairlry well huh??..

I had a leaking head gasket on my '68 Suburban 12 I was not aware of,until one day while mowing with it,it got so hot from a rats nest blocking the air flow in the blower housig,it started on FIRE ,and was so hot it burnt the paint and grease off the engine!...all I did to "fix" it was replace the head gasket and resurface the now warped head,and clean the rats nest out! now purrs like pussycat,it does smoke a bit,but it always did,so I use 15W-40 in it now..

Maybe that "new" carb is just jetted a tad too lean for a 12hp,perhaps you could enlarge the jet holes carefully and get it "tuned" to allow it to perform correctly...
Sometimes I wonder if carbs originally equipped with fuel pumps MUST have them to run right too--I have tried deleting a few and noticed the engine seems less powerful,and more likely to bog out on hills or steep angles afterwards...just like the cars we'd get running at the junkyard with a gravity feed gas tank hooked right to the carb fuel inlet--they ran,but not very well--hook it to the fuel pump and you notice an immediate improvement wouldn't think it would matter much on a one lunger,but maybe it does??..
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See James, Tecumsehs HATE air leaks...once u find them they run like a dream! glad you didnt give her a heart transplant!
Well, here is the video link
That is outstanding GT, way to go!

Man I like those orange tractors :) That is one nice rig :)
Man I like those orange tractors :) That is one nice rig :)
Thanks :D
Sounds good!:fing32:
You did a great job GT. Jolene is a nice tractor.
Nice, way "cooler" then a cheap knock off. Real nice tractor.
Nice, way "cooler" then a cheap knock off. Real nice tractor.
:thThumbsU :thanku:

Now I just have to work out the little kinks- Needs wheel seals on the rear, and I have to put new front bearing in the rims (Have them already), and the nubs in the mule drive slot are pretty worn down, i am debating building them up with weld...
I think it looks great sitting there in your avatar :)
Not sure why but I think that is the best looking tractor and color scheme that Sears or any other company ever produced and is high on my list to find and have :)
maybe I should just paint the SS18 orange.................................:ROF
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