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FD590V (JD345) Rebuild

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I'm actually starting a new thread for a problem I'm having. I was working with "JD345 Slooooow coolant leak"

It started with a coolant leak on my JD345 ('94 vintage) and since I need to replace the coolant pump, the wise men here have convinced me to dig in a little further and replace the Cam shaft as well since everything is pretty much apart at that point.

A few more questions...

1. I plan to purchase the kit for the cam shaft from Bomburgers on eBay, does anyone know if that come with instructions ? I guess what I want to know is do I need to buy the $200 John Deere instructions ? Or can the You Tube video and stickies here get me through it ? I know that's a relative question but I'm wondering if it's as easy as popping the cover off the bottom of the engine - replace the shaft and seal it back up ?

2. Do you guys replace the governor & oil pump gears as well ?
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Buy the $30 Kawasaki manual on eBay. That is what I use for my 285s. Aka FD590V engine.

Never done cam but done a bunch of other stuff it has always been right on.
I cannot get the link to open. But I think it is the same one that you can buy off of eBay.
Thanks got it.
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