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Farmall super H value

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Just picked up a 1 owner Farmall super h 1953.
I know value depends on location location location...but I have a few questions.

* are these considered rare tractors (under 30k produced)
* if I paint and install new tires and I going to already be over the value on it?

Now for the tractor

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Yep. That right rear tire is backwards. The V of the tread should be pointing down when coming up and over the front of the tire.
I hate to say this, but I know of a fellow that has two Super H's that are both stuck and missing rear rims and tires. He's been trying to sell them for $500 a piece, but no one wants them without tires and rims. $600 for rear rims plus freight and $1,200 or so for new rears with tubes... It all adds up.
A friend of mine just put his Super M on steel because steel rears were cheaper to buy, even though he had to drive 450 miles one way to pick them up!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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