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farmall H

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Went to look at a H today. Good chance we will be bringing it home just a couple quick questions. The serial # is 117824X3 whats the X3 for and what year is this? 1945? he wants $600 firm and it hasnt been run in 1&1/2 years. So it is believed to be stuck but has been kept inside for the past three years. Needs two new front tires but back have a ton of tred. not too bad looking and pics to come. What you think on the price?
thanks taylor
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$600 I think is a pretty good price.

If it was running a year and a half ago and it's been shedded the last 3, it may not be stuck. Reach in and give the fan a spin by hand to see if the belt will turn the main pulley.

Good pictures. Looks like there's another tractor sitting in the shed right behind it - what is that one?

I know where there's an all original running H (still 6 volt) that's been kept in all it's life and the guy only wants $1000 for it (but I'm not telling where. ;o) )

Hopefully one of these days I can build a shed to put it in and buy it from him before he tries to actively sell it.
Either a C or Super C.
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