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Farmall 504D, worth it?

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Hey everyone,

I was digging around on Craigslist last night and found this add for a 504 Diesel: The asking price was WAY too high but I figured I would give the guy a call anyways. After talking with the owner, very nice gentleman, his grandfather bought the tractor new and ran a cotton picker with it, I told him I would come and look at it if he would entertain an offer of $1,000.00 which is about $150.00 - $200.00 more than scrap would bring. He said the tractor has power steering, and that everything was working 15 years ago when his grandfather parked it in the barn. Now he says it will spin over all day, but just will not start. I am a diesel mechanic and am fairly certain it is a fuel issue, injectors need cleaning and new tips and pump needs cleaning and a re-seal kit. I would be buying this tractor to flip, not to keep. The plan would be to get it running good, service it up, hang the wide front end under it, clean it up and paint it, maybe two new front tires, and then sell it for $4,500.00 OBO If I pay $1,000.00 for it by the time I do everything I listed the profit at full asking price probably would not be much more than $1,000.00 and realistically I would probably do good to get a $500.00 profit by the time I let someone beat me down a little. So what do yall think, will the money be there or will I just be spinning my wheels?

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After a little more research I decided to take a pass. I talked with a friend of mine that is a used equipment dealer and he said even all done up it would probably only bring $1,500.00 with no equipment.

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