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Fall cleanup in January

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Here's the scenario. Each fall I sweep leaves out of the lawn and dump them next to the garden to rake them in for burning or tilling them under. This year I got less than half way done with cleaning up the leaves before the fall rains came and then everything froze up and the rest of the leaves laid soaking wet in the yard.:fing20:

That is until last week, the weather was perfect, we hadn't had any snow in a month and the leaves are dry in the lawn. I take advantage of the situation and take my 446, with the snowblower still attached cause I'm a bit lazy, out to the shed and hook up the sweeper. I get about 6-7 good size basket fulls out of the lawn and I'm satisfied that it is clean enough till spring. But then I look at the garden and it is surrounded by these heaps of leaves and my rake...well its all the way over there in the shed.

But wait, i think to myself...I have this snowcaster on the front of this tractor and since we haven't gotten any snow I haven't used it. It was decided. That snowcaster made quick and easy work of getting thise leaves into the garden....right up to the point where the paddle got jammed up on a hunk of wood about as big around as my forearm and stalled the tractor.:banghead3

I know there are gonna be some folks that say it is abuse or mistreatment of equipment but since I can fix it I'm not affraid to break it. With that being said...I know I'm not the only [email protected]$$ to do this either.

As soon as I figure out how to get the video off of ny phone and on to here I'll post it.

take care all.
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haha, As soon as i read that you mentioned the blower agian i knew what you going to do! To get the video off you can do two things. One send it througha text to your email adress and then download it to your computer and post. Or second you can put it on a SD card and on to the computer. There it prolly a million different ways but those are the ones i use. :trink40: :goodl:
Sounds like it should be a neat video to see. Youtube has several people that have used snowblowers to do their leaves, so it does work.
I don't know how to do videos, sorry. :trink40:
You know, that is something I have always wanted to do . Let's see the video .:wwp::D
You don't need to justify your actions, it's a free country!:fing32:
seeing is believing :drunkie::ROF
Better tell my grandfather that, that is what we are doing next year! i didn't think it would work :trink40:
it actually worked better than I expected. Next time I'll turn the chute to the side and go through all the piles one after another since i pile them up to the garden's edge anyway.
Thanks for sharing with us. slkpk
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