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Fall And Winter Planting in NC????

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I had my first Garden this year and I am wanting to know if there is anything I can grow during the Fall and Winter here in Central NC?

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I cannot believe it is ME giving advice on planting! Even though me Pappy and Grandpappy were farmers, I am city born and raised - the kind that, while trying to grow something, kills it! With that disclaimer - you should be able to grow turnips and collards in the fall. I have even done that here in east central GA. Someone else here will surely give better advice than I...
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I live in Wilson county NC and will be putting in my fall garden next week. Right now I am planning on lettuce, collards, chard, onions, turnips, carrots, peas, and rutabagas. I will also try cucumbers, beans and potatoes in a hoop house. Should give you plenty of food for thought.
up in canada im gona be planting garlic soon about 160 bulbs to grow under the snow
Whats a hoop house?

What do you do with 160 garlic bulbs? Just curious.
i meant about 160 garlic cloves im growing them to sell
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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