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Hey all, I need to move these tractors ASAP.

1170 is a 2000 model year. 17hp B&S single, runs great. Has cruise control and electric engaged pto for 44" deck. Had the single speed vari-drive trans, but I am swapping in the Peerless 5spd from the 1315. The single speed has a broken clutch collar (I am having someone try and machine a new collar for it) Comes with a 46" front blade.

1315 is a parts tractor. 12.5hp Kohler single, runs good. 38" deck is like swiss cheese. Seat padding is shot. Tractor is all there except the transaxle (it is under the 1170). I wanted to make a crawler out of this one, but landlord says I have 'too much junk laying around'(!?!).

Pics of both to come in the morning. Buy the 1170 and I will throw in the 1315 if you want it.

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