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EZ hitches / Quick Hitches

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I recently bought a Kubota BX26660 and am now starting the porcess of acquiring 3 point attachments.

I bought Cat 1 quick hitch and it does not work with some of the attachments I have - the upper links are not all at the same height from the plane of the lift pins. :Disgus: So - I am now looking at the EZ Hitch at "Clint in KY" is bought one and he likes it.

What else is out there before I buy - my budget is around $100. :dunno:

Any help would be appreciated.
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Bought the Carter EZ Hitch with the spreader bar. So far, I had to remove the spreader bar to mount up the Carry All as well as the Box Blade. So the spreader bar is 0 for 2 and the jury is out on the hitch itself. Paint job looked like a junior high school kid did it and it has drips and sags plus I had to file off burs where the holes were drilled. Not entirely thrilled with the quality of workmanship.
Well, here I am a with a year under my belt on these quick attach devices for the 3PT hitch.

I have ditched the Carter as one of the 3PT attachments I frequently use is a carry-all. I couldn't use the Carter Spreader Bar due the frame of the carry-all and the Carter Spreader Bar wanting to both inhabit the same space... So it ended up that I stopped using the spreader bar.

To make along story short, every time I reattached a 3PT device, I still had to get off the tractor and "fiddle" with the 3PT hitch anti-sway mechanism. I went back to the "framed" quick hitch with a couple modifications and am very happy with it.

Anybody want to buy a Carter EZ Hitch?

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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